HDR Photography by Muhammad Idham Azhari 03 Desember 2022

HDR Photography by Muhammad Idham Azhari 03 Desember 2022
HDR Photography by Muhammad Idham Azhari 03 Desember 2022


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HDR Photography by Muhammad Idham Azhari 03 Desember 2022

Photo by Muhammad Idham Azhari (year taken: 2014)

Aesthetics, or esthetics (/ɛsˈθɛtɪks, s-, æs-/), is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty and taste, as well as the philosophy of art (its own area of philosophy that comes out of aesthetics). It examines subjective and sensori-emotional values, or sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste. (Sumber: WIKIPEDIA)

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

In photography and videography, multi-exposure HDR capture is a technique allowing to capture high dynamic range (HDR) images by taking and then combining several different exposures of the same subject matter.

Images captured by cameras allow differentiation only within a certain range of luminosity. Outside this range, no features are visible because everything appears pure white in the brighter areas and pure black in the darker areas. The ratio between the maximum and the minimum of the tonal value in an image is known as the dynamic range. Combining several different, narrower range, exposures results in an image with a greater dynamic range than what is possible by taking one single exposure. HDR is useful for recording many real-world scenes containing very bright, direct sunlight to extreme shade, or very faint nebulae. (Sumber: WIKIPEDIA)

Still life photography

It is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. Similar to still life painting, it is the application of photography to the still life artistic style. Tabletop photography, product photography, food photography, found object photography etc. are examples of still life photography.

This genre gives the photographer more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition compared to other photographic genres, such as landscape or portrait photography. Lighting and framing are important aspects of still life photography composition.

Manmade objects like pots, vases, consumer products, handicrafts etc. or natural objects like plants, fruits, vegetables, food, rocks, shells etc. can be taken as subjects for still life photography. Typically, still life photos are not close up to the subject nor far away, but at a very head-on angle. The art in still life photography is often in the choice of objects that are being arranged and the lighting rather than the skill of the photographer. (Sumber: WIKIPEDIA)





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